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Imperial Beach, California 91932
Phone number (619) 423-9450

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We welcome you to our worship service. We hope your time with us will be uplifting and inspirational and that you will give us a chance to say “hello” and to get to know you just a little better. If you are visiting with us, please fill out a visitor’s card and place it in the offering tray.

The 69th Street Church of Christ in San Diego will be hosting a Ladies Day on October 26th from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The theme will be “We Are God’s Masterpiece.”
On Thursday night, October 31st, we will have a Trunk or Treat event here at the building from 5:00-6:30. Come on down, load up the car with treats to pass out and enjoy some great fellowship!
10/14 Penny Drozd                      10/14 Noah & Sabrina Turner (A) 
10/15  Christine Anderson           10/16  Orbie Mays                              
10/20  Robin Staniszewski           10/23  Kay Wright        
10/25  Carol Gonzalez                             10/31  Jynell Wojciechowski               

                              Man, always gets into trouble
                     He thinks he can handle his life without God.

Bible Classes:
Sunday, 9:30 a.m. - Brian is teaching the lessons on Exodus.
Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. - Clarence Ball is teaching the class in October.
Closing of Building for October - Clarence Ball, Don Hines.
The sermon notes for today are available for download from the church   website here

DATELINE: October 13, 2019
Sunday A.M. 50 - P.M. 27
Wednesday Night Bible Study - 12
Announcements/Prayer - Don Hines
Two Songs - Dennis Everett
Prayer - Clarence Ball
Communion - Dannie C., Dennis B., Rick S., Jacy A.
Scripture Reading - (Matthew 28:16) - Jeremiah Gonzalez
Sermon - Brian Anderson
Invitation Song
Closing Prayer - Rex Danner
Evening Communion - Clarence Ball
Drozd is still recovering from eye surgery. Amy Desbien is still recovering from an infection in her legs. Lila Fugate is now receiving radiation treatment. Macy, the Burchett’s granddaughter, doing well after a tonsillectomy, and also their daughter Denise is suffering from flu like symptoms.  Continue to be mindful of Michael Hamrick, Robbie Fillingham, Wes Ayers; Chris Mays, Elaine Woody, Chris Delgado, Mary Dalrymple, James Boyd and Margaret Burchett.
Friends and Family Prayer Requests: Fredrick McCollum’s mother, following the recent death of her husband; Carol Allen, friend of Buck Lawson, requests prayers for her father, Joseph Paskiewicz; Josephine Burton’s brother, Ronnie’s liver cancer has returned; Ernest and Carolyn Demps,32nd Street  congregation; Mark Whitley; Barbara Ball’s friends, Mary Sue Depass and Lola Slater (Alzheimer’s) and Glinda Slater; Martha Gorham’s aunt, Elizabeth Larkin; Mike Hansen; Jeff Ehrie’s father and a co-worker of   Jeff’s, Ada Juarez, who has cancer. Also, a resident where Jeff works, Dr. Ken Hansen and his wife, Jacqueline.
Travelers: The Baumgardners are in Texas until October. Jim and Sharon Hudson are in New England. Fredrick and Silvia McCollum are out of town this weekend.