640 10th Street
Imperial Beach, California 91932
Phone number (619) 423-9450
We welcome you to our worship service. We hope your time with us will be uplifting and inspirational and that you will give us a chance to say ďhelloĒ and to get to know you just a little better. If you are visiting with us, please fill out a visitorís card and place it in the offering tray.

Thanks to the men who are filling in today while Brian is out of town: Clarence B. for teaching the Bible class, Dennis E. for this morningís sermon and Chris D. for preaching this evening.
The Menís Business Meeting will be held next Sunday evening, immediately following the 6:00 worship service.

The Area-wide Singing will be next Sunday at the 69thStreet Church of Christ in San Diego.

The Central Church of Christ will be hosting their 25thAnnual Menís Day Program (ďGoing Back to Find JesusĒ) on Saturday, January 18. They will also be conducting a Gospel Meeting, January 19-23.Speaker will be James Willieford of Abilene TX.

If you would like a receipt for your 2019 financial contributions, please contact Jim H.

1/21 Luke H.    1/22  Steve W.
1/22 Bobbie H.   1/24  Lila F.

Unless you can create the whole universe in 5 days, then perhaps giving ďadviceĒ to God isnít such a good idea.
Wherever I go there ďI AM.Ē

                                     From Barnes Bible Charts

Bible Classes:
Sunday, 9:30 a.m. - Brian is teaching the lessons on Peter in Acts
Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. -Dennis B.is teaching the class
Closing of Building for January - Jim H.

DATELINE: January 19, 2020

Announcements/Prayer - Jim H.
Two Songs - Dennis B.
Prayer - Clarence B.
Communion - Orbie M., Fredrick McC., Dannie C.., Noah T.
Scripture Reading - Don H
Sermon - Dennis Everett
Invitation Song
Closing Prayer - Rex D.

Evening Communion - Orbie M.


Lila F. has been moved to a new rehab place. They have discovered that she has spinal stenosis, which will require surgery; Susan B., Penny D., Amy D.; Michael H., Wes A.; Chris M., Chris D., Mary D. and Margaret B.

Friends and Family Prayer Requests: Elizabeth G. (recovering from an auto accident); Paula Dís father (knee surgery); Barbara Bís friendís granddaughter Wilhemina (heart transplant); Ernest and Carolyn D., 32nd St. congregation; Barbara Bís friends, Mary Sue D. and Lola S.(Alzheimerís) and Glinda S.; Martha Gís aunt, Elizabeth L.; Mike H.; Amy D. requests prayers for Patricia De La C. (heart failure); Jeff Eís father and a co-worker Ada Juarez(cancer) and her 3 year grandson Noah (needs a liver transplant); resident where Jeff works, Dr. Ken H. and his wife, Jacqueline; friend of Jeffís son Alex (friendís name is also Alex), who a paraplegic under the care of his Mom, Sylvia. The Hís request prayers for H./R. families in Illinois following the sudden death of 29-year-old mother Sarah R. (Janelle H. sister-in-law).

Travelers: Jhen and McKenzie K. and Jhenís Mom, Carmelita L. visiting family in the Philippines; Tip and Sandra B. continue in Texas. Nicole B. is on a business trip to London, Germany, Netherlands and Tokyo. Brian and Christine A. are up in Morro Bay for the memorial services for her uncle and aunt, Leon and Lois C.