640 10th Street
Imperial Beach, California 91932
Phone number (619) 423-9450

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We welcome you to our worship service. We hope your time with us will be uplifting and inspirational and that you will give us a chance to say “hello” and to get to know you just a little better. If you are visiting with us, please fill out a visitor’s card and place it in the offering tray.

We are glad to have Jonathan G. from Waco, Texas here with us this morning to share information on his recent mission trip to Africa.

There will be a Men’s Business Meeting tonight, immediately following the 6:00 worship service.

Mary D. has a new address.

LeRoy and Cheryl R. have moved from Washington State back home to Texas.

The 4th Sunday Area-wide Singingwill be at the Canyon View Church of Christ in San Diego, next Sunday, August 25th from 2:30-4:00 p.m.
The 69th Street Church of Christ in San Diego will be hosting a Ladies Day on October 26th from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.The theme will be “We Are God’s Masterpiece.”

8/23  Jacy A.   8/26  Tip B.
8/25 David G.   8/30  Louie T.

We are all precious in His sight.He may shake His head a lot…
                               But we are still precious!

Bible Classes:
Sunday, 9:30 a.m. -Brian is teaching the lessons on Romans
Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. - Clarence B. is teaching the class in August
Closing of Building for August - Clarence B.
DATELINE August 18, 2019

Sunday A.M.51 - P.M.  25
Wednesday Night Bible Study  14

Announcements/Prayer - Jim H.
Two Songs - Dennis E.
Prayer - Dannie C.
Communion - Dennis B., Jeremiah G., Fredrick McC., Jacy A.
Scripture Reading - (Matthew 25:1-13) - Don H.
Sermon - Brian Anderson
Invitation Song
Closing Prayer - Rex D.

Evening Communion - Clarence B.

Michael H. had shoulder surgery last Thursday and is in the hospital; Wes A.; Chris M.  is recovering from lung surgery; Lila F.; Penny D. is having eye surgery in September. Continue to be mindful of Amy D., Chris D., Mary D., James B. and Margaret B.

Friends and Family Prayer Requests:
The C's request prayers for their sister-in-law Lonetta, who is hospitalized; the Hs’ friend Peter, recovering from cancer surgery; Ernest and Carolyn D. of the 32nd st. congregation; Bob C.; Mark W., back surgery at end of month; Barbara B's friends, Mary Sue D. and Lola S. (Alzheimer’s) and Glinda S.; Martha G’s aunt, Elizabeth L.; Amy D’s friend Manuel C.; Mike H.; Jeff E's father and a co-worker of Jeff’s; Ada J., who has cancer; Barbara B.'s 5 year-old friend Wilhemina, in need of a heart transplant.

Diana C. leaves tomorrow for a week in Texas. Tip and Sandra B. are back in Texas until sometime in October. Pam E. will be heading back to Toronto for business. Norine M. and her daughter Sandy will be leaving soon for a vacation.